Plumbing Services

We offer convenient, customer friendly “up front pricing” on all services, including our drain cleaning services in Wooster, Ashland, and more throughout Ohio. Customers will have the option of multiple service repairs or replacements. So, you can save time and get everything done at once. With us, you will never get stuck in a costly “Time & Material” situation again! We offer residential & commercial plumbing services on:

-Faucet repairs and replacement

-Sink repairs and replacement

-Sink drain repairs and replacement

-Garbage Disposals

-Instant Hot

-Ice Maker Connections

-Dishwasher Connections

-Laundry Faucet repairs and replacement

-Laundry Sink repairs and replacement

-Laundry drain repairs and replacement

-Washing Machine connections

-Washing Machine valves and hammer arrestors

-Lavatory Faucet repairs and replacement

-Lavatory Sink repairs and replacement

-Lavatory drain repairs and replacement

-Toilet repairs and replacement

-Tub Faucet repairs and replacement

-Shower Faucet repairs and replacement

-Tub & Shower repairs and replacement

-Tub & Shower drainage repairs and replacement

-Bidet Faucet repairs and replacement

-Water Heater repairs and replacement – Standard

-Water Heater repairs and replacement – Tankless

-Water line repairs and replacement

-Drainage Line repairs and replacement

-Outside Spigot repairs and replacement

-Sump Pump & Sewage Ejector repairs and replacement

-Emergency Battery Backup Pumps

-Gas Line repairs and replacement

-Flood Water Detection Systems

-Drain Cleaning

-R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) Water Units

-Water Conditioning and Softener repairs and replacement

-Pressure Storage Tank repairs and replacement

-Outside Water Main repairs and replacement

-Outside Sewer Main repairs and replacement

-Underground Downspout repair and replacement

-Outside Gas Line repairs and replacement
-Yard & Barn Hydrant repairs and replacement

-Shower Faucet repairs and replacement

-Tub & Shower repairs and replacement

-Tub & Shower drainage repairs and replacement

-Bidet Faucet repairs and replacement

We offer all these services, each designed to make your plumbing as good as possible. When you are 

Pipe Protection From Freezing

With the winter season coming up soon, it is imperative to make sure your pipes are good and ready for the weather! You can count on us at Prestige Plumbing to make sure that you have pipe protection from freezing! There are several ways to make sure your pipes are protected. 

One is getting a thermal insulation that makes sure your pipes are never frozen. However, this can become costly. So, if this option is unavailable, you may also use the classic solution of keeping a drip on your faucets! This allows for less freezing, but is not as effective as a liner or insulation. These are just some of the ways you can prevent freezing in pipes, wondering more about what we can do for you? Check out our Winter plumbing tips!

Make Sure Your Pipes Don't End Up Like This!

Common Signs Your Plumbing Is in Need of Repair

Your plumbing system is an integral part to your home and your business. It is important to stay on top of all repairs to minimize damage and make sure your system is running efficiently. However, it’s important to catch malfunctions early to minimize damage, saving you money and time in the long run. If you notice any of these signs, then it might be time to call Prestige Plumbing for assistance:

Kitchen Plumbing Repair

There are a number of common signs that indicate that your kitchen plumbing is in need of repair or service. If you notice backups in your drains or dishwasher, this is usually a sure sign that your plumbing needs repaired. Leaks in faucets and other pipers also indicate that you should call a plumber for assistance. Moreover, foul smells could also be signs that you are in need of assistance. It is important to reach out for help when you first notice these issues to prevent any additional damage.

Laundry Plumbing Repair

Washing machines and other laundry plumbing equipment are frequent culprits of faulty plumbing. Prestige Plumbing is highly experience handling these types of plumbing systems. Water backups in your laundry machinery as well as leaks and foul smells are often signs that your plumbing is experiencing an issue. However, laundry plumbing systems can be expansive and complex, so make sure you contact the best at Prestige for accurate, timely, and affordable repairs

Bathroom Plumbing Repair

Your bathroom is one of the most used areas in your home and business in terms of plumbing. Between sinks, showers, bath, and additional pipes and plumbing equipment, bathroom systems are highly complex. It is important that you catch repair needs early to make sure your home is not wasting water and money, not to mention the possibility of water damage throughout your home. Water stains, leaks, and unusual pressure are all signs that it is time to call a plumber for emergency service. 

Basement Plumbing Repair

Much of your plumbing equipment is stored or runs through your basement. It is an integral part to your home and you should frequently monitor your plumbing equipment to ensure everything is running smoothly. However, when things seem to be going awry, there are a number of signs to look for when you suspect your plumbing may need repaired. These include: water stains, water heater malfunction, flood water, gas lines running improperly, sump pumps not working, and many more. 

If you notice any of these issues or more, make sure to schedule your emergency plumbing appointment with the best plumbing contractors at Prestige Plumbing.

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Why Prestige?

Prestige Plumbing, LLC has been family owned and operated since 1998. We give upfront, fair pricing on all our jobs. We are a non-commissioned, certified, licensed plumbing company. When you choose Prestige Plumbing, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality service at the best price! Ready to start? Contact us today!