Flood Protection & Emergency Pumps

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Select the Sump Pump System & emergency pumps in ohio that are best for you!

We proudly use Glentronics Pro Series Pumps. Contact us for assistance & questions about emergency pumps in Ohio!

Prestige Plumbing is the home of several great items and products, such as our emergency pumps and pump systems. These are designed to make sure your pipes are stable and ready for anything. Check out our stock below.

sump pump cis 33v

CIS-33V — Sump/Effluent Pump with Built-in Vertical Switch

Good Choice
  • Pumps 3,200 GPH (53 GPM) at 10 ft. lift
  • Cast iron construction
  • 1/3 HP pump with energy efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor
  • Reliable built-in vertical switch
  • Cast iron 6 blade vortex impeller
  • Removable strainer
  • 3 Year limited warranty

S3033-DFC2 — Sump Pump and Dual Float with Enhanced Controller

Better Choice


  • Pumps 3,000 GPH (50 GPM) at 10 ft. lift
  • Cast iron / stainless steel construction
  • 1/3 HP energy efficient PSC motor
  • 5 year warranty

Deluxe Controller:

  • Two float switches for added protection
  • Sounds an alarm and alerts when power has failed, a pump or float problem is detected or the battery is low
  • USB Data Port and Remote Terminal connect to external devices such as the Pro Series Pumps CONNECT modules, home automation systems or other devices for remote notification
  • Exercises the pump weekly to extend pump life
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PS-C33 — Combination System Battery Backup and Sump Pump

Best Choice

Primary Pump:

  • Pumps 3,000 GPH (50 GPM) at 10 ft. lift
  • Cast iron / stainless steel construction
  • 1/3 HP energy efficient PSC motor

Backup Pump::

  • 2,400 GPH (40 GPM) at 10 ft. lift
  • Unique monitoring controller detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, pinpoints problems and solutions on control panel
  • Runs pump weekly to test for proper operation & alerts if there is a pump problem
  • Caged dual float switch for added reliability
  • Receive notifications about your Pro Series 2400 backup sump pump system while away from home using a Pro Series CONNECT module
  • Designed for use with maintenance or maintenance free batteries
  • 4-Year Warranty

Additional Accessories

Pro Series CONNECT WiFi Module (PS-WIFI)

  • Sends emails or text notifications and status alerts yo your phone, tablet, or computer
  • No monthly fee
  • Available APP
pro series wifi connector

Find the Mobile App Here:

water alarm

Water Alarm

  • Detects leaks before they become a bigger problem
  • Minimize the risk of water damage