Backup Battery Options

In the event of a power outage or a simple sump pump failure, we have flood emergency pump battery options that will kick in and start working so you can keep a peace of mind.

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Protect your basement
from water damage.

The Link 2.0 kicks into action during power outages or sump pump failures. Use this emergency pump battery for maximum efficiency.

Myers PREMIUM Smart
Battery Backup Systems

The Myers Smart Battery Backup Sump Pump System will help protect the basement from water damage by kicking into action during power outages or primary sump pump failures. Most home buyers don’t think about their sump pump, but when the consequences of unexpected pump failures are understood, the solution from Myers will assist them in making the right decision.

The PREMIUM version is available in backup-only (MBSP-3) or a pre-plumbed primary+backup system (MBSP-3C). Both offer remote monitoring, smart charging technology, and dual battery capacity.

The PREMIUM series comes standard with Link2O™.


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This cloud-based technology continually monitors the backup system and sends text or email alerts if problems are detected.

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Key Features:


· Feature-Rich Web and Mobile Interface

· 2-Way Communication – Issue Test Cycles and Receive Confirmations

· Proactive Text and E-Mail Alerts Delivered to the Homeowner, the Plumber, or Family Member

· Easy Setup


· Maintains Optimal Battery Life and Performance

· Up to 5x Faster Recharging than Competition


· Compact Design Eliminates Interference with Primary Pump Switch

· Easy to Install

Model: MBSP-3

VALUE: Designed to backup existing residential sump pumps in case of a power failure and Link2O™ to monitor the system conditions.


Remote Monitoring for Peace of Mind with Link2O™ Smart Charging Technology.

Recharges battery up to 5X faster and extends battery life.

High Performance Secondary Pump Dual Battery Capacity

Link 2.0: Allows homeowners to remotely test and monitor their system.

ITEMS INCLUDED: One Secondary Pump, Reed Activation Switch,

1-1/4” NPT to 1-1/2” PVC elbow, AC power supply, gateway unit and Integrated Control Panel Battery Case.

Check Valve and Battery Not Included. Sold Separately


MAX HEAD: 15 Ft.

CHARGER: 2.0A Charger

BATTERY TYPE: Battery sold separately. Compatible with flooded and sealed AGM deep cycle batteries. For best performance use Myers BAT40, BAT75 or BAT100 sealed AGM batteries.


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